Weatherford Drilling while Casing (DwC) Workshop – 3/23/16

//Weatherford Drilling while Casing (DwC) Workshop – 3/23/16

Weatherford Drilling while Casing (DwC) Workshop – 3/23/16

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Date: Wednesday, March 23rd
Time: 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Location: ERP 4 Room 110

Come join UHSPE for a career advancement workshop on a newly designed drilling technology. This downturn in the market is a great opportunity for you to invest more in your future career and this workshop provides you an industry presentation by an engineer with Weatherford. Weatherford is a E&P service company that provides solutions to challenging problems in the industry. If you want to stand out as a viable candidate during this rough time you have to take advantage of opportunities that allows you to understand a specific technology then the rest of the students. If that is not a good enough incentive, we will be able to network with the engineers at Weatherford, Below is a description of the workshop.

Drilling with casing permits the simultaneous drilling, running, setting, and cementing of casing while eliminating downhole complexity. Drilling-with-casing techniques are typically used to mitigate hazards when the operator is unable to get through a trouble zone. Weatherford drilling-with-casing technology increases drilling efficiency and reduces risk exposure by removing the need to trip pipe and bottomhole-assembley (BHA) components while constructing leaner wellbores. This workshop will give you an in depth look at the different applications while DwC.

Note: This room has a limited amount of seats so please register as soon as possible.

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