April 13, 2017 ∙ University of Houston Student Center South ∙ Houston, Texas, USA

About the Forum

About the Forum2017-03-15T10:20:57+00:00

The EOR Forum is intended to bring together seasoned EOR practitioners with EOR newcomers to share experiences, new ideas, and lessons learned. The format of the forum is focused on discussion of topics that are of interest to those who work with EOR technology development and implementation. There are many senior experts with experience(s) that often go unpublished, and who are also able to reflect upon their experience to offer sound advice. Unfortunately, some of these individuals are leaving industry. This could create a widening gap in the EOR knowledge base, similar to that experienced in the 90’s. Moreover, capturing different opinions in this forum could provide new perspectives. Our intention is to accomplish these goals at the first GCS EOR Forum.

We would be pleased to see you here to partake in the discussions.

The Gulf Coast Section EOR Forum Organizing Committee

Dr. Birol Dindoruk, Dr. Reza Fassihi, Dr. Dimitrios Hatzignatiou, Dr. George Hirasaki, Dr. Konstantinos Kostarelos, Dr. José Luis Mogollón, Dr. Mohammad Tabatabaei, Dr. Ganesh Thakur