SPE Cares – A New ATCE Community Service Initiative!

//SPE Cares – A New ATCE Community Service Initiative!

SPE Cares – A New ATCE Community Service Initiative!

With ATCE being the largest conference for SPE members, it is a great opportunity for many of us to give back to the community that graciously hosts us for the week. Active involvement in local community service also encourages positive press for the oil and gas industry. Therefore, is the SPE Gulf Coast Section is launching a new initiative as part of ATCE 2015 known as SPE Cares. The SPE Cares Committee encourages community service and networking among SPE members from around the world as we gather for the largest SPE meeting held here in Houston, the Oil Capital of the World.
To kick off this initiative, there will be a community service competition from September 26-29, 2015 among all Student Chapters and Sections of SPE. Students and professionals will represent their Chapter or local Section while volunteering, log their hours on the printable sheet attached, and have their hours signed by one of the SPE Cares Committee members or the main points of contact at the volunteering venues below. The top three Student Chapters and Sections will be recognized in the next issue of The Way Ahead magazine and be eligible for a prize.

Our main volunteering event for SPE Cares is with the Gulf Coast Section’s Community Service
Committee Galveston Beach Cleanup on Saturday, September 26, from 8AM to noon. We also
encourage local volunteers to drive visiting SPE members from the convention center to the beach and back for this event.
Click here for event specifics and registration: http://www.spegcs.org/events/2994/

Drivers will be able to log the hours spent driving to Galveston and back for the community service
competition. If you can help carpool, please sign up at the link below and confirm how many volunteers you can take (not including yourself):

Other venues for community service around the convention center are:

  • Rebuilding Together Houston (1215 Gazin St, Houston, TX 77020)
  • Houston Food Bank (2445 North Freeway, Houston, Texas 77009)
  • Highland Park Center Nursing Home (2714 Morrison St, Houston, TX 77009)
  • Loaves and Fishes Soup Kitchen (2009 Congress Ave., Houston, TX 77002)

So as to not conflict with the Beach Cleanup, only the hours served after noon on September 26 at the above venues will be counted toward the competition. The deadline to turn in HARD COPIES of
Please join us in giving back to the local community this year, and we hope you will also join SPE Cares at other ATCE locations in the future! If you have any questions, please email Yogashri Pradhan and Aniruddh Guru at specares.atce@gmail.com. For questions about the Beach Clean Up event, please email Sean Thompson at bseanthompson@yahoo.com and jackcheng828@gmail.com.