2019 Petrobowl Regional Contest

//2019 Petrobowl Regional Contest

2019 Petrobowl Regional Contest

From Left to Right: Micheal Chiu, Yidan Zhu, Sean Spring, Raul Paz, Nhung Nguyen, Lotanna Ohazuruike.

On February 3rd, the University of Houston competed against over 20 other teams in the Society of Petroleum Engineers North American 2019 Regional Qualifier. Despite having less than two months to prepare for this endeavor, UH managed to place 4th in the contest guaranteeing a spot to compete at the SPE Petrobowl World Championship in Calgary, Canada, in September, 2019. Lotanna Ohazuruike, Yidan Zhu, Michael Chiu, Nhung Nguyen, and Raul Paz, who is replacing graduating member, Sean Spring, will be traveling there next fall. For the International Championship, 32 teams from the Top Petroleum Engineering colleges globally will be competing.

PetroBowl is a fast-paced quiz competition covering the history, statistics, and technology of the oil and gas industry. Though each team consists of five players, only four members can be competing against other teams at the same time. Each team member picks a primary and secondary facet of the oil and gas industry to study.  PetroBowl provides a great way for students to gain exposure in the history and understand its current mechanics.

This victory comes after a 3-year Hiatus when UHSPE last competed in 2016 where a team of grad students took UHSPE to internationals at Abu Dhabi, UAE. Our recent victory should inspire us all that UH and UHSPE can still and should continue to compete and represent itself on an international level.

The UH Petrobowl team is enjoying halftime from playing with Texas Tech.








PetroBowl team captain, Lotanna, receives UH’s team plaque from future 2020 SPE President Shauna Noonan.

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