2019 Petrobowl Regional Contest

From Left to Right: Micheal Chiu, Yidan Zhu, Sean Spring, Raul Paz, Nhung Nguyen, Lotanna Ohazuruike. On February 3rd, the University of Houston competed against over 20 other teams in the Society of Petroleum Engineers North American 2019 Regional Qualifier. Despite having less than two months to prepare for this endeavor, UH managed to place 4th in the contest guaranteeing a spot to compete at the SPE Petrobowl World Championship in Calgary, Canada, in September, 2019. Lotanna Ohazuruike, Yidan Zhu, Michael Chiu, Nhung Nguyen, and Raul Paz, who is replacing graduating member, Sean Spring, will be traveling there next fall. For the International Championship, 32 teams from the Top Petroleum Engineering colleges globally will be competing. PetroBowl is a fast-paced quiz competition covering the history, statistics, and technology of the oil and gas industry. Though each team consists of five players, only four members can be competing against other teams at the same time. Each team member picks a primary and secondary facet of the oil and gas industry to study.  PetroBowl provides a great way for students to gain exposure in the history and understand its current mechanics. This victory comes after a 3-year Hiatus when UHSPE last competed in 2016 where a team of grad students took UHSPE to internationals at Abu Dhabi, UAE. Our recent victory should inspire us all that UH and UHSPE can still and should continue to compete and represent itself on an international level. The UH Petrobowl team is enjoying halftime from playing with Texas Tech.               PetroBowl team captain, Lotanna, receives UH's team plaque from future 2020 SPE President Shauna Noonan.

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2018-2019 Board

Officers BS - Petroleum Engineering BS - Petroleum Engineering BS - Petroleum Engineering BS - Petroleum Engineering BS - Petroleum Engineering MS - Petroleum Engineering BS - Petroleum Engineering BS - Electrical Engineering BS - Petroleum Engineering BS - Petroleum Engineering BS - Petroleum Engineering BS - Petroleum Engineering

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UHSPE Study Nights – 3/3/2016 (YouTube Playlist and Equations to Know)

Didn't get a chance to attend our first study night? No problem! We were able to record the session and provide a set of equations to know for the PETR2311 Spring 2016 exam 2. Attendees enjoyed a 2.5 hour help session along with dinner and drinks. Dessert was graciously provided by Dr. Holley and his wife! Thanks to all the students who came out and attended. Special thanks to Mr. Arjun Ravikumar and Mr. Howard Xiang for helping facilitate the evening and Dr. Holley for bringing cookies (!) agreeing to allow us to host a study night for his class. Equations to know YouTube Playlist

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Schlumberger Company Tour

Date: Friday, March 25th Time: 10:00 am - 3:45 pm Address: 110 Schlumberger Drive Sugar Land, Texas Note: We will have a 1 hour lunch break at 12:30 at their facility. Tour Description: Come join UHSPE for a tour with the leading oil and gas services company in the world. We will have the North American Field Engineer Recruiter as our tour guide so this is a great opportunity for you to make a good impression for possible future employment. The agenda will consist of a presentation on Schlumberger then a tour at the test facilities showcasing their technology and followed up by a tour at the Genesis Rig on site. You do not want to miss out on this great experience. If career exposure is not an incentive, the recruiter will share possible "Externships" opportunities during the tour for this upcoming summer. Note: This tour is limited to the first 15 students who register through the google form. Please wear your Blue Petroleum Engineering Polo with jeans or khakis. If you don't have the petroleum polo then any polo or button up shirt is fine. Register

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Weatherford Drilling while Casing (DwC) Workshop – 3/23/16

Workshop Signup Date: Wednesday, March 23rd Time: 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm Location: ERP 4 Room 110 Come join UHSPE for a career advancement workshop on a newly designed drilling technology. This downturn in the market is a great opportunity for you to invest more in your future career and this workshop provides you an industry presentation by an engineer with Weatherford. Weatherford is a E&P service company that provides solutions to challenging problems in the industry. If you want to stand out as a viable candidate during this rough time you have to take advantage of opportunities that allows you to understand a specific technology then the rest of the students. If that is not a good enough incentive, we will be able to network with the engineers at Weatherford, Below is a description of the workshop. Drilling with casing permits the simultaneous drilling, running, setting, and cementing of casing while eliminating downhole complexity. Drilling-with-casing techniques are typically used to mitigate hazards when the operator is unable to get through a trouble zone. Weatherford drilling-with-casing technology increases drilling efficiency and reduces risk exposure by removing the need to trip pipe and bottomhole-assembley (BHA) components while constructing leaner wellbores. This workshop will give you an in depth look at the different applications while DwC. Note: This room has a limited amount of seats so please register as soon as possible.

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2nd General Meeting: 3/31/16 with guest Mr. Bill Vail, VP, DeGolyer & MacNaughton

Where: UH Energy Research Park, Building 4, Room 110 When: 3/31/16, 5:30PM Event Details: Save the date! Our 2nd general meeting will be held on 3/31/16, a little after our paper contest, with special guest Mr. William Vail, Vice President, DeGolyer & MacNaughton. Mr. Vail will summarize and provide statistical and application aspects on a book published by the Society of Petroleum Evaluation Engineers called: “Monograph 3 – Guidelines for the Practical Evaluation of Undeveloped Reserves in Resource Plays.”  This Monograph has been well received by the industry.  The SEC accepted methodologies presented in the book as meeting the SEC’s criteria for “reliable technology.” Mr. Vail will also provide insight on what it takes to pursue a career in reservoir engineering. We do hope that you'll join us for an informative evening. RSVP to Attend

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Student Paper Contest Call For Papers Deadline Extended

Call for papers is still open for the 2016 UHSPE Student Paper Contest scheduled for Saturday, March 26, 2016 at the UH Energy Research Park, Building 9. The deadline to submit your abstract is Friday, March 18, 2016. The contest is open to all UH students (must be a registered SPE member, free for students) in the undergraduate, postgraduate, and PhD categories. The contest is also open to recent graduates (within 12 months). Top 2 winners in each division will advance to the regional paper contest held this year at Texas A&M University. Top winner in the regional paper contestwill receive an all-expense paid trip to attend 2016 ATCE in Dubai to participate in the International Student Paper Contest! For more information, please contact To register please click the registration link below.

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Join UHSPE for our first Study Night! Petrophysics Exam 2 Review

Where: UH Energy Research Park, Building 4 When: 3/3/16, 5:30PM - 8PM Event Details: Calling all students taking PETR2311! UHSPE Study Nights is kicking off with an Exam 2 review for Petrophysics! Join us for dinner and an exam review and catch up on all the stuff you need to know for next week's flow exam! Attendance also earns you points! Please RSVP below to join. Not taking Petrophysics? No worries, we have other planned study nights this semester for Drilling Engineering and if possible Reservoir Fluids! Please let us know which ones you'd like to attend. RSVP to Attend

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UHSPE 1st Spring General Meeting with IHS

Register Where: UH ERP, Bldg 4 Room 110 When: Thursday, February 18 2016, 6:00 pm Event Details: Join us for first spring general meeting with IHS and learn more about oil and gas asset acquisition! Food as always will be provided. Please RSVP to attend by clicking the button below. About the speakers: Mr. Curtis Smith is a Director of Consulting at IHS CERA Consulting Americas and Asia Pacific practices. He helps companies assess strategic opportunities and forecast production and costs by leveraging the extensive US and International databases which are owned and maintained by IHS. Prior to joining IHS CERA Consulting, Mr. Smith performed consulting in energy sectors of IHS and performing training and support for the company. Oil and gas experience includes work at ConocoPhillips and Marathon Company, oil majors and with major law firms in the Houston area.

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InPetro Energy Company Tour

Button Text Where: InPetro Energy, 2418 N Frazier St #103, Conroe, TX 77303 When: Friday, February 11, 2016, 10AM - 12:15PM Event Details: Come join UHSPE for a company tour and meet InPetro Energy's president this Friday at their technology center! Along with the president, 3 top representatives with InPetro Energy will be providing a unique tour on their patented Measurement While Drilling (MWD) tools. This tour will give you an opportunity to network with professionals and learn more about the technology that is dominating the drilling segment in the industry. If you would like to take advantage of being an SPE member then please register through the Google form below to attend the tour. Note: This tour is limited to only 20 SPE members. A light lunch will be served afterwards. Tour Details: 10:00 – 10:15 Introductions, Overview of tour (Jason Wackett) ENSURE PPE is discussed, although we won’t need it as long as back area is marked off and forklift it outside 10:15 – 10:45 DD Innovations Inc. Facility Tour – Jim Bush and Tim Curran Tools from the 90’s still the flag bearer of the industry: Reasons around the positive pulse design, why they are still the standard today and limitations moving these tools to end of the technology life cycle. (Tim Curran) The emergence and dramatic growth of electromagnetic telemetry in 2004-2006: Shale oil boom began pulling this technology to market. We will look at the reasons behind this, the development of the technology and limitations and lessons learned. (Jim Bush) 10:45 – 11:45 Tour of Inpetro Energy Tech Center – Jim Bush, Jason Wackett and Dave Switzer Bigger rigs, more aggressive bits, harsher drilling environments lead to another technology shift: The introduction of a radical idea and [...]

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