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About the Contest

SPE coordinates 14 regional student paper contests at the undergraduate, master’s, and PhD level. Students compete against other students from their region for the opportunity to advance to the International Student Paper Contest, held during the Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition (ATCE). Contestants enter with an abstract of their paper, of which they perform a presentation on the day of the competition, and then the victors who proceed to the International contest at ATCE have their papers published in the conference proceedings and on OnePetro.

The UHSPE Annual Student Paper contest allows UH students for a chance to represent represent UH SPE in the 2016 Regional SPE Student Paper Contest held this year at Texas A&M University. This is an amazing opportunity for students to gain recognition and prestige. The UH winner will compete for a chance to present their paper at the 2016 SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition, held this year in Dubai.

As we face one of the worst downturns is the recent times, innovative research has become inevitable to successfully survive the downturn. The University of Houston, being a research focused university puts extra weight on student research projects and capstone projects. To promote the tradition of research in students, University of Houston SPE student chapter presents ‘SPE Local Paper Contest 2016’. The Local Paper Contest is an excellent way of showcasing research work students are doing on Capstone Projects, Graduate Thesis and independent research projects. We have the contest in three categories:

  • Undergraduate
  • Graduate
  • PhD

To participate, you have to submit an abstract which contains minimum 250 words and maximum 450 words, containing a brief summary of your research. The Abstract should follow the abstract guidelines followed by SPE International. The guidelines can be found here:

The deadline to submit the abstract is 25th March 2016. 

  • Only single presenter papers allowed
  • The deadlines will be strictly followed

A panel of experienced professionals will examine the papers being presented and will declare 3 best presentations. Top 2 presenters from each category will represent the University of Houston in the SPE Gulf Coast Section Regional Paper Contest at Texas A&M University on 26th March 2016. The winners of Regional Paper Contest will present their research in the Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition 2016 held in Dubai 26-28th September 2016.

The 2016 UHSPE Student Paper Contest will be held on Saturday, March 26, 2016 at the UH Energy Research Park, Building 9. The contest is open to all UH Students in the undergraduate, graduate, and PhD divisions. Register today!

 Please contact for more details.

Contest Rules & Regulations

Contest Structure

The student paper contest is normally conducted in three divisions: Undergraduate, Master’s (also referred to as Postgraduate) and PhD.

Entrance Requirements

  1. Contestants must be SPE members in good standing at the time of application and still be in good standing at the date of the contest.
  2. If the student has already graduated, it must have been less than 12 months before the Regional Contest. Thus, a student graduating in March 2015 must compete by March 2016. The student should only present work carried out at the educational level that corresponds with the division in which they are competing, regardless of whether they have gone on to a higher level of education. For example: a student who has earned a degree as an undergraduate less than twelve months ago, and has proceeded into a Master’s degree, can still compete in the undergraduate division but must only present work carried as an undergraduate. If a student wins within his/her division at a Regional Contest, he/she will compete at the International Contest within that same division and present work on the same topic which was presented at the Regional Contest.
  3. Students are not required to be a member of a student chapter in order to participate in the contest.
  4. Students must be eligible to compete in their regional contest in accordance with the USA and EU Sanction laws which SPE operates by:
  5. A student may participate more than once in annual regional student paper contests, and in the same category, so long as they still meet all other eligibility requirements and do so with new and previously un-presented papers as per Rules of Form and Content of Presentation/Paper.
  6. Only one entry per student to each contest per year. Multiple abstracts or entries to the same contest will not be accepted.

Entrance and Participation Procedures

  1. Each participant must submit a 1-page abstract outlining their independent study of an engineering problem.
  2. Each participant must present a PowerPoint presentation no longer than 15 minutes (10 minutes minimum).


Rules on Form and Content of Presentation/Paper

  1. Only single-author presentation/papers are eligible. The definition of single- author is a student that has contributed significantly to the presentation/paper even though other researchers or contributors may have been involved. Researchers and contributors, such as supervisors or tutors who assisted the project, must be acknowledged within the paper and presentation but not as an author. Joint projects with other students are not permitted.
  2. A presentation/paper should present, as completely as possible, the original work of the author in planning the investigation, performing the work, interpreting the results, and preparing the presentation/paper.
  3. The subject of a presentation/paper must be related to petroleum engineering, which is defined as the application of basic and engineering sciences to the finding, development, and recovery of oil, gas, and other resources from wells.
  4. A presentation/paper based on course work, including theses and dissertations, is eligible.
  5. An abstract of the presentation/paper is required even when a formal written paper is not required.
  6. The presentation/paper must be presented in the English language, the official language of SPE.  All contestants that progress to the International Student Paper Contest must present in English.
  7. When written papers are required, they must be submitted in a typed form in English. The paper must consist of a minimum of 1,000 words of text, plus as many diagrams and supporting illustrations as necessary to clarify the subject matter. The paper must not exceed 7,000 words equivalent of text and diagrams, with each diagram considered to be the equivalent of 250 words.
  8. The presentation may not exceed 20 minutes (minimum of 10 minutes). After 15 minutes of the start of the students’ presentation the moderator will notify the student about the remaining five minutes. The time allowed for questions will be 10 minutes; questions will only be invited from the judging panel, not from the audience.
  9. Students may go over 20 minutes, but points will be deducted for not adhering to the time limit.